Lazy Morning

Lazy Morning

Published on Apr 12, 2004, 9:30 AM1 min read

So yea, Havn't watched any TV since I reinstalled linux on this machine, except for yesterday morning while I was eating breakfast, and this morning. I just love saturday morning cartoons, even if they really suck... A desperate grasp for my childhood? Maybe. Anyways, this morning I go down, happen to be a weekday, and I'm up early enough (Boo for 4 day weekends :(), I turn it on.. find 7 days... And waddya know, its one of the ones I've seen before..

Ah well, Might watch some of my stargate dvds on the big screen. Or just clean up before evan gets here, Its going to be a good end to a 4 day weekend... Yesterday I was so... bored, had no idea what todo... I can really only last like 2 days on my own before I run out of regular things todo.

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