This is why perl people rule.

This is why perl people rule.

Published on Apr 14, 2004, 9:04 AM1 min read

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 09:20:06PM -0700, Gavin Mogan wrote:

any way you could add access to defaultpicurl please?

Done; in the 0.11 release - I've attached that version. Taken from the docs:


Returns the URL of the default picture used by the user.

Note that if the LiveJournal object was created with

either "pics" set to "0" or with "fast" set to "1" then

this function will always return an error.

Example code:

print $lj->DefaultPicURL(),"\n";

Took a total of.. well i emailed last night, got a reply this morning.

Stuff to work on with the next version of MTLJPost.. but this makes things easier..

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