Wow.. ecto is impressive

Wow.. ecto is impressive

Published on Oct 16, 2006, 11:27 PM1 min read

I was about to complain about it being a trial version... but man, it looks cool..

I've abandoned this site for so long its not even funny. I have been poking at it, but lots of behind the scenes things. I don't think I even have enough battery to really put a good update it..

Things I've been working on:

  • - Kode Koan (Mini company thingie)
  • - mythtv - Getting quite close too.. almost ready to re subscribe to cable.. and get some hard drives to store dvds on (so i don't have to swap so much :D lazyness++). Just need to play with the hauppage IR blaster some more.
  • Oblivion++
  • Indexing all my dvds, books and such so i can keep track of things when i loan them out
  • Starting a new job at AIRG

Yea, with ecto I'm going to try to remember to update more. Maybe even get the lj syncing working again.

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